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        Welcome to Treatment Foster Care Pre-Certification        

You have already taken the first and biggest step towards a challenging and rewarding experience!

 While the technicalities of all the paperwork, documentation, background clearances and training may seem a bit overwhelming, HDFS is here to help you each step of the way.

Because we care about your success which, in turn, means success for a very special child.



Depending on the speed in which you fulfill each requirement, we will do our part timely so that you can be licensed within 60 to 90 days.

Treatment Foster Parenting is a job and requires organization, timely responses, and pro-action. You can begin preparing for your new job by helping us keep track of your progress, trainings, clearances etc. The steps for becoming a treatment foster parent are outlined below, and for your own self-tracking, we have prepared a check-list form that you can print ands complete as we go along. The treatment Foster Care Self-Tracking Form can be found in the left Navigation Part of this site. Remember that if you gather, review for accuracy and submit your documentation all at once in an orderly fashion, it will be processed timely and together
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Steps to becoming a licensed Treatment Foster Care Provider

Step 1.

Step 2.

The first step requires you to complete application paperwork, questionnaires, release forms and to attend an Information Meeting. Start the Paperwork
  • Records from previous agency and letters of good standing. (If transferring)

Upon completion of the above times, we will review your application, send out reference questionnaires to the individuals you listed on your application and will contact you for a meeting in which we will take your fingerprints for additionally required background checks and to schedule training.

Gather and completed additional documentation as follows.

Proof of personal and household verifications.
    • Proof of any past training (provide certificates)
    • Physical exam and other medical information
    • Completion of additional Administrative Agreements, and Acknowledgements.
    • Complete Clean Water Check
    • Complete Landlord Confirmation Statement

You are required to bring all of the above documents with you to your first meeting.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Background checks are sent off and take approximately 30 days. While we are waiting for the background clearances you should be working towards your required training. The following 30 hours of training must be completed before you can be licensed.

• Pre-Service Training (Agency specific training)
• First Aid Training & CPR Training
• CPI Training (Crisis Prevention Intervention also known as De-escalation)
• A, N, E / Incident Reporting Training (Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation)
• Documentation and Provider Expectations Training
 We will come to you home and do a home and safety evaluation. We will then send a family profile to the CYFD (Children Youth Family Department) and will license you and begin searching for a child placement that matches with you and your family. (Generally we have a placement within 1 month).

Step 5.

Service contracts, general provider agreements, W-9 forms, Direct Deposit forms etc will be completed.
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