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DD Waiver Programs Offered by HDFS

We believe that each Individual we serve is a person first and foremost. A person that deserves strong relationships with friends and family. A person who deserves a place in the community where he or she is wanted and appreciated.


Family Living

The Family Living Program, provides individuals with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live in a private home with a carefully matched provider who may be a family member. This flexible service model allows for services to be individually designed to respond to and meet the specific needs and preferences of the individual served and provides a more natural and "Family like" home environment.

We work closely with the person and providers to assure that the Individual is carefully integrated into the provider's home life and regularly participates in family and community activities. Individuals served are primary participants in setting their goals, daily routines and planning their future. We are committed to providing:

  • Services that are Person centered and goal directed

  • Services that are flexible and responsive to meet the changing needs of Persons served.

  • The highest standards of our licensing bodies and our accrediting agencies.

  • On-going quality monitoring and goal attainments.

  • On-going support for the Individual and Provider


We believe it matters where you Live.


Independent Living

The Independent Living Program, formerly known as Assisted Living, provides the Individual with less than 24 hours per day of staff assistance in their home. This program is designed to increase or maintain the Person's skills, independence and promote self-advocacy. Staff support is available as needed and is furnished on a planned periodic schedule.

This service includes:

  • Assistance with money management.

  • Meal planning and preparation.

  • Routine household care.

  • Personal Care such as bathing, eating, dressing and individual hygiene.

  • Arrangements for transportation to and from medical and dental appointments.

Supported Living

The Supported Living Program, provides Individuals with 24 hours per day of staff assistance in a home environment. The goal of this program is to provide a safe and healthy home with the necessary supports for individuals to live the life that they choose.

This service promotes:

  • Camaraderie with roommates based on shared interests.

  • Living in a home within a community.

  • Individuals making their own choices.

  • Encouragement and training for a healthy, safe and happy life.


Grow as a member of your community.

 Explore the World.



You deserve dignity and respect.

We believe you should have the opportunity to Learn


Supported Employment

This hourly service is designed to provide the assessment, skill building and support necessary for individuals to access valued employment and meaningful work.


Day Habilitation

The Day Habilitation Program is an hourly service program that provides goal specific skill building and support through community-based activities and involvement.

The service is built around a daily program comprised of functional and meaningful activities that are chosen by the Individual and relates to his/her goals, objectives and interests. Day Habilitation also is intended to assist the person in developing skills and natural supports to maximize their independence and over-all quality of life.

Day Habilitation may be provided at a HDFS center, in the community, or in some cases, the private home of the Individual and is intended for individuals who are 18 years of age or older.

Generally, the Day Habilitation Program focuses on:

  • Participation in adult education.

  • Providing time, information, materials and other resources for the Individual to pursue hobbies and structured recreation .

  • Providing guidance in personal care (such as hygiene).

  • Providing assistance and support with self-administration of medication and use of assistive devices and/or medical equipment.

  • Providing education on nutrition and development of choice making skills.

  • Providing assistance with the development and maintenance of social and individual relationships.

  • Other activities or support that are likely to develop skills leading to maximum independence.


Community Access

The Community Access Program is an hourly service designed to provide an alternative or companion service to the Day Habilitation Program. Community Membership program is designed to promote self-determination increase independence and enhance the Individual's ability to interact with and contribute to their community.  This service is provided outside of the home or regular Day Habilitation Service and includes meaningful participation in integrated community settings such

  • Cultural events

  • Social/leisure activities

  • Volunteer activities

  • Clubs and Organizations


Substitute Care and Respite

The Substitute Care and Respite Program, is offered to Provider Families with Consumers in their care. This hourly service is to allow a primary caregiver or Family Living provider "time-off". This may be done in the provider/caregiver's home, in the community, or in the respite provider's home. Respite and Substitute Care are provided on an "as needed" basis.


But most of all we believe you should enjoy life and Have Fun


It's the people who make it Work


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