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Behavioral Health Services for Children at Risk


Treatment Foster Care

The program provides children ages 1-17, suffering from severe emotional or behavioral disorders, with 24/7 supervision in a skilled therapeutic foster home. Our treatment parents are extensively trained and work closely with the children's multi-disciplinary team. Along with structure and supervision, children also receive individual and family therapy, life skills, education, and case management.

This program is an alternative to residential treatment facilities and inpatient hospitalization. The goal is to provide an active and structured treatment environment while preparing a child for return to their family or for transition to a least restrictive setting or semi-independent living. The length of the program is typically 12-18 months. Funding for this service is typically Medicaid.



Behavioral Respite

  This service is offered to families on a planned or emergency basis. It is short-term direct care and supervision of a child on order to afford a caregiver time-limited temporary relief from the ongoing responsibility of care. Respite may be done in a variety of settings including the home and community on a daily or hourly basis. The purpose of this respite is to sustain a family. This service is available to children (up to age 18) diagnosed with a severe emotional disorder (SED) or a serious mental illness (SMI) for individuals ages 18-21.

This service is also available for youth in Protective Services Custody whose placement may be at risk whether or not they have been diagnosed with SED/SMI.

Behavioral respite may include a range of activities to meet the social, emotional, and physical needs of a child. Services may be provided for a few hours during the day or for longer periods of time involving overnight stays. Eligible children can receive up to 30 days or 720 hours per year of behavioral respite. The service is funded by Medicaid.
    Behavioral Respite    
Occupational Therapy
OT Therapy Our pediatric behavioral health provides a holistic, client centered, multi-disciplinary team care model that meet all the needs of our clients. The team is trained and skilled in treating clients with trauma related problems combined with sensory processing disorders, behavioral and developments delays and learning disabilities which are subsequently related. Our OTs, use a combination of land based sensory integration techniques and aquatic based sensory processing techniques.
Important skills that are evaluated and assessed include:
  • Physical (Gross Motor), jumping, skipping, paying on the playground of swings, etc.
  • Handwriting, Pencil Grip, Dexterity (Fine Motor)
  • Eye-Hand coordination, Perception (Visual Motor)
  • Psychosocial Emotional Skills (Peer Interaction/Social Skills) at home, with siblings, parents, friends, teachers at school, other students in class, the lunch room, etc.
  • Communication, social participation, making and keeping friends, starting conversations, personal space. Nonverbal, verbal body language skills.
  • Self-Regulation Behavioral problems (Sensory Processing and Modulation).
  • Other important areas that being constantly addressed include:
  • Eating, Sleeping Self-care sills (dressing, bathing, grooming, etc.) Toileting, morning and evening routines, behavior and performance at school in class, among peers, in the cafeteria, on the playground, etc.
The ultimate goal of our program is to help clients function at their fullest potential and relieve symptoms of emotional or behavioral distress and dysfunction.

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