Developmental Disabilities Medicaid Waiver (DD Waiver)


The DD Waiver serves individuals in New Mexico with developmental disabilities and mental retardation. Once an individual is allocated to the Waiver, they (and/or their legal guardian) work with an interdisciplinary team to develop a service plan. The individual then chooses providers to implement the plan and to assist them in attaining their goals.


Community Living Services

Family Living: We offer in-home placement of developmentally disabled individuals who are carefully matched with a provider that meets each individual's specific needs. An in-depth screening process is utilized to increase the odds of a successful placement.

Independent Living: Residential services are designed to increase or maintain the individual's skills and independence, and promote self-advocacy. Independent living services are provided in the client's home, with less than 24 hours of staff assistance per day.

Supported Living: This program provides 24-hour care in a group home setting with up to 3 individuals.



Hourly Services

    Substitute Care: We offer an hourly service designed to provide support to the individual and relief to the primary caregiver.  
    Community Access: This service provides various supports to assist individuals in developing valued roles in the community. The service is provided outside of the home and includes meaningful participation in integrated community settings.  
    Supported Employment: This service is designed to provide the assessment, skill building, and support necessary for individuals to access valued employment and meaningful work.  
    Day Habilitation: This service is designed to build specific, goal-oriented skills through community-based activities and involvement.  
    Personal Support Services: This service is designed to assist the individual with activities of daily living, and to maintain and/or improve personal care skills, self help, and daily living skills.  


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